Company: ath Power
Survey: Technology Self Service Study

Mystery Shopping Company: ath Power Consulting Corporation

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You must meet the following qualifications to apply for this shop:
* You cannot have shopped the same location within 30 days


Due Date 08-02-13 (m-d-y)
Do NOT shop before 07-16-13
Days of week


Shopper's Pay $ 75.00
Shop Expense Limit $ 0.00
Special Expense Limit $ 0.00


Shop Comments This shop pays $75.00. This technology shop needs to be completed by using new branch technology machines like self service tellers. You must be a customer of this bank AND use the technology available to do some transactions. Do not accept this shop if you are not willing to use and observe new technology features of this special branch. You may only ask staff questions about the technology you may not do your transaction with a bank employee. You may conduct one shop per location. Please be sure that you meet the guidelines presented in these comments before applying, and before you conduct your visit please review both the shop form and guidelines.
Additional Comments